Vital Statistics
Species Dog
Gender Female
Location God Machine Valley
Morag is one of Roofus' daughters, found in God Machine Valley. She is in an area surrounded by dynamite, waiting on a ledge.

How to RescueEdit

When approached, she will excitedly move forward and accidently step on a switch. She advises you to run, and with good reason - The fuse is slowly making its way to a stash of explosives. Run out of the area and the explosives will be set off. When you return she will be waiting in the same location though the pathway will have cleared, allowing you to rescue her.


  • Since Tweek was never intended to be brought into this level, visiting Morag causes her text to have two errors. Interestingly, the full stop is replaced with an additional comma in the original releases, meaning it has been overlooked twice.
  • In the text files, Morag refers to Rico as Mr. Rico. Since you cannot get Rico past the first obstruction and there are no Telepoints for him in the level, this text goes unused.
  • If Rico is forced into the area in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, only his name is spoken by Morag. The rest of the line is seen in the subtitles (with a grammar error), but not heard.
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