Mr. Dustee
Biographical Information
Species Vacuum
Gender N/A (Presumably male)
Home Dinos Upstairs
Affiliation Neutral
Hello! I'm Mr. Dustee!

–Mr. Dustee, Dinos Upstairs

Mr. Dustee is a giant vacuum cleaner Chameleon Bot made by Viggo Industries found in Dinos Upstairs. He is known to be the "Happiest Cleaner in the Whole World".

Though he is an enemy, Mr. Dustee has no hostility towards the Fur Fighters.


Mr. Dustee's attack is simple - he will try to suck you to him, and the damage you take is when you touch the metal on his head. You must avoid it and shoot his eyes at the same time. The easiest way to defeat him is to hide under the table beside the fish tank and stick your weapon out and hit him. If done correctly, you can aim for his eyes and he cannot reach you.

Mr. Dustee moves considerably slow, so use this to your advantage should you decide to remain out in the open.


  • Even after you defeat him, your fighter will automatically aim at the spot where his eyes were previously before you destroy him.
  • In all versions except Viggo's Revenge, Mr. Dustee is the only character with a coherent speaking role in the game.
  • There is a glitch where sometimes, after sucking you up, Mr. Dustee will freeze, and you will be unable to escape. Moving left and right will cause Mr. Dustee to move in the same direction, though his sucking animation will still be noticeably static. If you have Invulnerability on, you will be forced to exit and re-enter the level.
  • Items picked up in his room display the infinite respawn ammo animation, but do not actually regenerate.
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