The New Quack Police Department or NQPD are the local police force in New Quack City. They can be found in several levels.

New Quack CityEdit

The NQPD's first and primary appearance are in New Quack City. Their presnece is due to Viggo's forces causing trouble throughout the city. Several tanks can be found around the New Quack City hub. The NQPD's forces can also be found within several levels in New Quack City.

World Quack CentreEdit

The NQPD is represented in this level by several pilots that are part of a giant monster defense force. They are situated near the end of the level, flying around the top of the tower. One can gain their attention and unintentional assistance by using the giant inflatable gorilla found in the helicopter that is also in the area. 

Lower East QuackEdit

Similar to the hub, the NQPD's appearance here mainly consist of numerous tanks located in several areas of the level. There is a certain tank located in the back alleys of the level that will fire upon you if you attack it first. The player must use the shots fired at them from the tank to blow open several target fences to gain access to a baby. All other tanks in the level do not fire upon the player, even if attacked, though they will fire upon bears if they get into their range of fire.


Dinos UpstairsEdit

Whilst not a direct representation, there is a boxed NQPD Tank toy in the boys bedroom. Unlike the other NQPD Tanks, this one is controllable, and can be used to scale the bed in order to reach a Battery.

It is also possible to fire large fireballs at enemies, just like a 'real' NQPD Tank is capable of doing back in New Quack City. Just like back there, enemies will be damaged severely if it hits.

Anatat TatanatatEdit

The Bad PlaceEdit


Tank In Rico's Nightmare

Though not an actual branch of the force, the NQPD also make an appearance within the Bad Place, inside of Rico's Nightmare.

In the nightmare, the NQPD are represented by both tanks and police officers. The tanks here function similarly to the one in Lower East Quack, though they fire upon you without provocation. The NQPD officers here, however, are actually bears in uniform. They are not fired upon intentionally by the tanks.


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