New Quack City is the first hub you will enter. Access the subway after obtaining a Subway Token in the Fur Fighter Village. The token is given to you by General Bristol before you enter gameplay, though in the original Dreamcast game, you will need to progress through The Undermill a little before you receive it.


With Viggo Industries' funds depleted severely, General Viggo makes a plan to distract the NQPD and steal the Roquefort Diamonds from within the Quackenheim Museum. He plans on doing this with the help of his loyal Bears and another ally who will burn the city whilst he continues his plan.


New Quack City starts off just shy of the subway entrance. Directly ahead of this wintery setting lies a statue of General Bristol, who will give you the latest updates. There is a large frozen pond directly ahead, covered with the bulk of the items that can be found in this area. Moving left or right will set you on your way, as guided signposts will point the direction to the levels, excluding the boss, which will read as Quackerfeller Plaza, where this boss level takes place. On all levels but the boss level you will come into a clearing, where each level can be found by turning some corners. As the name suggests, there are many city buildings in the far background.



  • Blue Bears (18, and 8 will not respawn on map reload after defeated)



Ammo Dreamcast PC/iOS PS2
Bullets 228 228 256
Shells 20 20 56

Fluffmatches associated with this hubEdit


  • The Hub is based off New York City.
  • Early concept art shows the level without snow.
  • If you get over the bridge and fall into the water, you will be Frozen.
  • The hub layout changes in every version of the game.
  • A fourth level for this hubworld, New Quack Subway, was planned. The bulk of the level still remains in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, but is noticeably unfinished.
  • When standing in front of the Lower East Quack entrance in Viggo's Revenge, the screen will occasionally shake. During that time, the Gold Token model shown at the top right corner of the screen will vanish until the shaking stops.


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