Oxygen Bottle
Level Space Station Meer
Found Varies
Used for Opening the final room

The Oxygen Bottle are items that are obtainable in Space Station Meer. There are four Oxygen Bottles total, each with a different color.

All four are required to open the depressurized room which contains Kylie and the exit (which also happens to be where Edward can be found).

Bottle LocationsEdit


Blue Bottle


Yellow Bottle


Green Bottle


Orange Bottle

The first bottle (blue) can be found on the floor of the snow dome.

The second bottle (yellow) can be found on some tall buildings where Tweek's telepoint is. Only Bungalow is able to jump up to them, however.

The third bottle (green) can be found at the low pit under the reactor.

The fourth bottle (orange) can be found in the room before the alien room, on top of the columns, accessible if you get lure the robot over and jump on him as Bungalow.

How to useEdit

Insert each one into the slots in a room found via the revolving doors.


  • In the original version of Fur Fighters, sometimes the game may freeze while turning in the Oxygen Bottles, making you unable to complete the level.
  • In PC version, when you put the Oxygen Bottles in it may not work. You will need to exit the game and re-enter to proceed.