Panda Bear
Enemy Info
Energy 20
Damage from Weapon Varies (25 for direct hit)
Close Attack Damage 10
Speed 30

Panda Bears are a type of bear found exclusively in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge.

They will attack with Grenades from a distance, before running away after throwing one. Should they get close enough, like all enemies, they will attack with their Close Attack.

When defeated, if the Panda has a grenade left in his hand, it will roll away and explode, causing damage to anyone nearby as a normal grenade would.

They aren't as common as the other bears found within the game, though can be a nuisance when in large numbers, such as in The Bad Place where they join Blue Bears in the first area. The majority of time they can be seen carrying a satchel of some sort.


Level AppearancesEdit

  • In Beaver Power, they wear a blue shirt with brown pants.
  • In Cape Canardo, they wear a blue astronaut suit with white shoes and two silver devices strapped around them, one on their front and the other on their back.
  • In Dinotopolis, they wear a yellow all-in-one with red cheeks and a tail shaped like Viggo's head.
  • In Anatat Tatanatat, they wear a yellow loincloth.
  • In The Bad Place, they appear as devils with black horns and a black tail with a red horned tip.
  • In Secret Island, they sport a yellow outfit split in two parts which covers their body.


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