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A room with four Junior Pet yums in a row

Pet Yums are a brand of pet food distributed by Viggo Industries. In the game, picking cans up will replenish lost Health Points. There are cans scattered all throughout the game, and almost every level contains at least a couple of cans.

According to General Bristol, they are preferred by 8 out of 10 platoons.


Name Image HP Restored
Junior Pet Yums Junpy 20
Pet Yums Petyum50 50
Super Pet Yums SUPERPETYUMS 100
Pet Yums Plus Petyumsplus 200ꜝ

ꜝRises your maximum health to 200HP (the points will slowly move down, regardless if you're hit or not, back to 100HP).


  • In order to make up for the increased difficulty, in Fur Fighters: Viggo on Glass the cans are boosted by up to double the amount.
  • There are several advertisements for the product found throughout the game.
  • Interestingly, some files refer to the character on the can as Viggo Jr..
  • Some vending machines are selling Pet Yums in some parts of the game but can't be bought.
  • There is a can of Pet Yums hidden underneath the molding machines in Temple of Gloom. However, once you are down there, there is no way back up.

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