The maze as seen from above

The Pipe Maze is a minor location that can be found in the VLF Facility.

It is seen very early on in the level, as part of the first route which you can take. The maze can be noted for being a very dangerous part of the level, particularly if playing on Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge where shooting the orange pipes will dispel flames, and shooting the blue pipes will cause a spray of frozen ice particles to emerge which will instantly freeze any Fur Fighter (or enemy) it touches. There are many enemies lurking inside, such as Crocodiles and Polar Bears (who will remain unaffected by any side effects of the frozen spray). A Chang Telepoint can be found at the front on the far right, tucked away next to some blue pipes.

There are several items hidden inside, such as Gold Tokens and Pet Yums, but the most important objective in here is to rescue Zhang, who is trapped in a little compartment towards the back right area.


  • One of the Brown Bears in this seems to suffer from the "exceptionally stupid bear" bug.
  • Shooting one of the blue pipes and having it's blue fumes hit you as you enter Chang's telepoint will cause a glitch where he has the frozen pallette, but acts as though he is perfectly fine(despite taking 1 damage every time he falls onto something).
  • Bungalow's High Jump allows him to not only climb onto the small blue pipe near the entrance/exit of the maze, but also allows him to jump onto another particular blue pipe-near the section with the two bears hiding behind one set of pipes is a wide area similar to the starting section, but with enemies in it. Jump up the corner of the pipe and Bungalow can get on top of it.
    • This is a rather important bug to note about, because if used correctly, Bungalow can jump on another nearby pipe, one that is higher off the ground, can also be jumped on with Bungalow, allowing him to fall out of the normal level boundaries.
      • If you decide to head into the area where Zhang normally resides, you may become stuck there and will have you fluff yourself (preferably with the red pipes) or return to the hubworld in order to get out.
      • You may also explore more of this area if you wish, using pipes or the less slanted top part of the wall to get quite the view of the pipe maze. This lets you see the area where the two shuttles race each other from a far away distance, get a view of the swamp area from the outside, or go out of bounds like as mentioned above. Unfortunately you cannot explore this area forever, as one blue pipe that goes over the top of the wall prevents you from going any further.
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