Plasma Blaster
Weapon Info
Power 9 (5 in VR)
Ammo Energy
First found Compound Factions

Furry Forest (VR)

Tier Above Plasma Beamer
Tier Below N/A

The Plasma Blaster is a rapid-fire energy based weapon. It is located in the first tier of weapons that consume energy ammunition and is among the first energy based weaponry the Fur Fighters obtain. The tier above the Plasma Blaster is the Plasma Beamer.

The Plasma Blaster is present in all versions of Fur Fighters, though it's appearance changes slightly in Viggo's Revenge.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Plasma Blaster has a color scheme consisting of white, blue and green colors, as does the weapons in its group. A green tubing connects the "clip" to the center of the weapon. The barrel is the shortest within its family. 

The shots appear as orbs of bright blue energy that travel at a semi-fast speed. When the shots strike an enemy, it causes them to briefly emit a similar bright blue glow. The firing range of a Plasma Blaster is very far. If an enemy is killed with a shot from the Plasma Blaster, they disintegrate into a bright blue particles, leaving no trace of the body. When the shots strike a surface, they absorb into it, leaving no marks.

When aimed at a reflecive surface, the Plasma Blaster's shots can be bounced off, giving a bit of strategy in certain areas. The shot can be bounced off multiple times, so knowing the trajectory of the shot is to be considered. This trait is shared with the other Plasma weapons as well.

Locations[edit | edit source]

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