Required Entry Tokens are the total number of Gold Tokens needed to enter levels after the first level, the Undermill. It is there where General Bristol explains that they are needed to power the Teleportation Device, as the green teleportation slime crystallizes into the Gold Tokens which can be collected to power additional Telepoints in new levels.

Due to this Gold Token requirement, at least 750 Gold Tokens are required to gain access to every level.

Hubworld Level Name Required Entry Tokens Babies Available
Fur Fighter Village Undermill 0 6
New Quack City World Quack Centre 10 9
New Quack City Lower East Quack 60 11
New Quack City Quackenheim Museum 120 9
Beaver Power Furry Forest 200 7
Beaver Power Compound Factions 250 9
Beaver Power God Machine Valley 300 10
Beaver Power Beaver Dam 350 7
Cape Canardo VAB Building 350 5, 7[1]
Cape Canardo VLF Facility 400 10
Cape Canardo Space Station Meer 450 4
Dinotopolis Dinos Downstairs 500 7
Dinotopolis Dinos Upstairs 550 5, 6[1]
Dinotopolis The Rumpus Room 650 10
Anatat Tatanatat Jungle of Despair 650 6
Anatat Tatanatat Temple of Gloom 700 5
Anatat Tatanatat The Bad Place 750 1
Viggo A Gogo H.M.S. Viggolina 0[2] 0
Viggo A Gogo The V-100 0[2] 0
Viggo A Gogo Secret Island 0[2] 0
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  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Requires Saving Winnie and Mai

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  • Only 500 Gold Tokens are required to beat the game, since you can collect the required 90 babies to access Saving Winnie and Mai by only accessing up to Dino Downstairs.

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