If the ladies are in peril, it's our sworn duty.

Rico, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Rico is a Rockhopper Penguin from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. He is 5 years old and can dive and swim underwater by pressing jump while on the surface. He is married to Juanita. His flea level can be found in Secret Island.


Raised among the huge penguin communities of southern Argentina, this idealistic bird always craved more than his mundane life of fishing and dodging orcas. He set forth in search of his dream and stumbled on the Fur Fighters who helped him to hone his talents. Rico is somewhat overconfident and prone to daydreaming. He isn't quite the hero he imagines himself to be, but there's no one more skilled in the water.

After putting General Viggo away in the war, he settled down with Juanita to raise his children. When General Viggo kidnapped them, he set out to retrieve them all.

In Beaver Power, Rico met up with his wife in Saving Juanita. After she screeched into his face, he asked her if she had put on any weight recently, commencing the battle. After rescuing her, he did have to admit that he preferred her with a bigger butt, which earned him a slap or two. He then confessed to General Bristol that he did not feel proud of attacking his wife, even if she was a 50-foot long mutant at the time.

Later, in The Bad Place, Rico had to face his own nightmare about being back in the war. And being stark naked at the same time.

After a brief time spent with his family back in the village, he continued the journey into Viggo A Gogo. In the Secret Island, Rico had a rather tiring chase with General Viggo's pet, Fifi, in order to get the key off him in order to progress.

Finally, in the final battle, Rico and the other Fur Fighters and their families came to help Roofus' when he needed it most.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Rico's feathers consist of yellow, blue and white. Yellow being on his beak and on the top of his belly also on his webbed feet. Blue being on his wings and the rest of his body. Rico wears brown shorts with an ammo belt around his waist.