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Robinson Bear
Biographical Information
Species Bear
Gender Male
Home Jungle of Despair
Affiliation None
Me just want to go home.

–Robinson Bear, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Robinson Bear is a pacifist bear who ended up stranded in the Jungle of Despair when he chose not to fight in the war.

He looks after Roofus' pup Howard, who informs him that the war is over. When the Fur Fighters arrive on his island, Robinson requests that they help him build a raft so that he can escape and return home.

Once the raft is built, he keeps his word and sails away, leaving Howard to be rescued by his father.


  • He is the only friendly bear in the game.
  • When shot, he gives the same response as the Worshipper Beetles.
  • Robinson Bear is a reference to Robinson Crusoe. He suffered the same fate of being stranded on a sole island.