Rotation Camera
Versions Available
Fur Fighters YES
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge NO
The Rotation Camera (Rotate Cam) is a cheat found in Fur Fighters.

How to ActivateEdit

It can be obtained if you beat the time limit playing the Sliding Block in Tweek's house after you have saved Gwynth.

How to UseEdit

The cheat will work when the player puts a second controller in the console and hits Y (Dreamcast). On PC, simply press the escape button. The camera will start to rotate around the player. Pressing Esc (or Y) again will bring you the pause screen.


  • The Time Slice Camera is the nearest alternative in Viggo's Revenge.
  • If one were to swap Fur Fighters and repeatedly activate this cheat after the Telepoint animation is done, the Fur Fighter that comes out will sometimes have their cry slowed down and in a lower pitch.
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