Saving Gwynth is the first boss in Fur Fighters. It takes place in Quackerfeller Plaza, where Tweek must glide down from a helicopter and face off against his mother in a battle across the buildings of New Quack City.


Defeating Gwynth is fairly straight forward. You will need to shoot her when her whilst avoiding her flames. When her mouth is open, she takes additional damage from each shot. Eventually, she will grow tired and leap to another building. Tweek will automatically follow. From here, he needs to locate the lift up to the top of that building, and proceed.

You will battle her across 4 different buildings, each one very slightly different from the last. The final building lacks any sort of support around the edges and is smaller than the others, so tread carefully. She will also start to fly away, blasting you with flames as she soars across the sky. You can still attack her like this, though she will not receive much damage. It will, however, bring her down faster.

Once she is defeated, General Bristol will hand you the Entry Permit for Beaver Power and Gwynth will return to Fur Fighter Village.




  • In an early screenshot, Gwynth's main attack was called Roof Breath.
  • You can return to areas she has set alight, however, without Invulnerability, your Health Points will drop drastically.


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