Saving Juanita is the Boss of Beaver Power. There is a pool of water only Rico can swim under at the beginning of the level. After you've completed this level, the exit is behind Rico's telepoint.


Rico will need to save his wife, Juanita by tossing grenades at her whilst she is underwater, avoiding her beam of light and fish throw attacks. The water will raise, and Rico will have to avoid her attacks whilst swimming away. When the water drops, repeat. After a while, she will come on land, blasting Rico with her beam should he get too close. Fish will also be thrown. At this point, you do not have to use grenades, so continue attacking her with everything you've got, and she will eventually collapse. Bristol will also give you the Degree in Astrophysics to allow you to visit Cape Canardo.

Remember, that there are plenty of regenerating Pet Yums scattered around the rim should you need a top up. There are also some additional pickups including a can of Super Pet Yums beneath the fan at the bottom. Be careful - When it's revolving, you won't be able to enter.




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