Seeker Launcher
Weapon Info
Power 20
Ammo Rockets
First found Beaver Dam
Tier Above N/A
Tier Below Rocket Launcher

The Seeker Launcher is a slow firing explosive based weapon. It is located in the second tier of weapons that consume Rocket ammunition. The tier below the Seeker Launcher is the Rocket Launcher


The Seeker Launcher shares a similar color scheme to its predecessor, being mainly a green color with dark brown, white and black. Unlike the Rocket Launcher's wide open muzzle, the Seeker Launcher's muzzle has three holes. The rear end of the weapon also a narrower opening.


Seeker Rocket locked on to fleeing Brown Bear.

Rockets fired from the Seeker Launcher differ from the Rocket Launcher in appearance and function. The Seeker's rockets are able to home in on enemies, emitting beeps when it has a lock on one. The targeted enemy will attempt to flee, in a similar fashion to when an enemy is low on health. When an enemy is killed by a shot from a Seeker Launcher, their body will fly up into the air, briefly engulfed in flames. The Seeker Launcher's shots, when locked on or not, will try to travel along the ground or surface of a body of water, even if it is aimed straight into the air.

The Seeker Launcher, as with the The Rocket Launcher, both use explosive ammunition which damages everyone that is near the explosion, including the player, so firing at a safe distance is advised.


Fluffmatch LocationsEdit


  • Despite being an upgrade, the weapon is less effective in terms of power than its predecessor.
  • Despite using the same ammo, the rockets fired from the Seeker are thinner, yellow-orange in color and have what appears to be a blue sensor on the tip compared to the original Launcher and ammo pickups.
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