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Sergeant Sternhauser
Biographical Information
Species Oryx
Gender Male
Home Fur Fighter Village
Affiliation Fur Fighters
Portrayer Jay Simon
Let's get those good-for-nothing muscles working!

–Sergeant Sternhauser, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Sergeant Sternhauser is the Fur Fighters' old drill instructor, and is notably General Bristol's very own sergeant. He is a strong character who is so physically fit that he can withstand any attacks from the Fur Fighters, though occasionally may comment that they 'nearly hurt'. He is also somewhat impatient, growing irritated whenever the Fur Fighters make a mistake in front of him. He is first located in the Undermill, where he will give basic training to the Fur Fighters, offering minor amounts of advice to help them on their way.

After, he can be found in most of the Hubworlds, usually somewhere inside a hub or in a level from the hub itself. You can play a Dancing Mini Game when you talk to him. If completed, the player gets an small reward, mostly Gold Tokens, ammo, Pet Yums and sometimes even a new weapon.

Despite being fit enough to withstand any of the Fur Fighters' attacks, he is eventually kidnapped by General Viggo. Chang will need to rescue him in the Secret Island, or else he and everyone else will be destroyed via a laser beam. Even after you rescue him, you will not be able to interact with him, however, as this is the last you will see of Sergeant Sternhauser in the game story wise.


  • Sergeant Sternhauser can be found in every main Hub.
  • In an archive file containing marketing information for the game, Sergeant Sternhauser's image file can be found in the Baddies 2/Viggo folder with the title Sarge-Viggo, meaning it was quite likely that he was to be General Viggo's Sergeant in place of the Peacock enemy.
  • There is an unused animation of Sergeant Sternhauser showing him getting Fluffed.


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