Enemy Info
Energy 60
Damage from Weapon 9
Close Attack Damage 8
Speed 30

Shrimps are enemies that can be found in the water.

As this enemy can swim as well as Rico, they will snap at the player underwater. When on land they take out rapid fire shotguns (that only fire one bullet), which turn into a regular Shotgun when dropped. They can also outswim Rico if he is left idle underwater for too long, but if you keep swimming away, their attacks will miss.

They are first encountered in Beaver Power within the Beaver Dam.



  • Along with the Gronda, they are the only enemy never to change appearance.
  • Shrimps are the only enemies capable of fully swimming as well as attacking underwater.
  • Despite official sources referring to them as Shrimps, the blocks in Dinotopolis hint at their names being Lobsters.
  • In Dinotopolis, there are kits referring to them as Sea Minkeys, a reference to Sea Monkeys.
  • They are the only enemies with 2 different close attacks.