Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time
Biographical Information
Species Robot
Gender N/A
Home Quackenheim Museum
Affiliation General Viggo

The Statue To Continuous Forms Of Uniqueness In Time is a Chameleon Bot located in the Quackenheim Museum.

After the wardrobe has fallen and released the Coat Stub, the statue in the center will come to life as you try to enter the Cloakroom. After General Bristol has given a brief explanation on what to do (avoid his shots and aim for the eyes) the bot will commence the battle.

If one were to retreat to a far distance (standing further behind the wardrobe so as to touch the wall or security door), the bot will revert back to its "idle" stance. However, this will not stop it from shooting, nor will it deactivate the trap. The bot will target you again once you go back near the center of the area.


The Statue has approximately 25 HP.

The easiest way to defeat this boss is to hide behind the fallen wardrobe when he is shooting and coming out to shoot his eye when he stops shooting. A Meerkat Multiple can be used if you need a hand.


  • If one were to aim at the eye before he comes to life, you will notice that the aim is red. This is a clear sign that he is a boss that will have to be fought.

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