Submachine Gun
Weapon Info
Power 3
Ammo Bullets
First found World Quack Centre
Tier Above Heavy Machine Gun
Tier Below Pistol

The Submachine Gun is the second weapon in the bullet based weapons slot, and one of the more common weapons. The firing rate is a little faster the Pistol and does a bit more damage. Also it uses bit more ammo than the Pistol.

Polar Bears use this weapon. Collecting the Submachine Guns dropped by the Polar Bear enemy gives the player 24 bullets to all bullet weaponry. Since Polar Bears are so common, the Submachine gun is obtainable in almost every level.


Unlike the other bullet based weapons the Submachine carries a different color scheme from silver and Brown and also bright yellow. Silver being on the base of the gun and the ammo clip. Brown just being on the handle. And yellow being on the ejection port. On the barrel there is six holes for the gun to let out heat and preventing it from overheating.


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