Weapon Info
Power 2
Ammo Energy
First found The Bad Place
Tier Above N/A
Tier Below Plasma Beamer

The Taser (Tazer in NTSC games) is a weapon found exclusively in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge. It uses Energy ammo and shoots bolts of lightning in addition to the laser from its predecessor. The tier below the Taser is the Plasma Beamer.


The Taser has the same color scheme as the other weapons in its family, consisting of white, blue and green colors, with a green tubing connects the "clip" to the center of the weapon. The Taser's most prominent feature is its barrel, being the longest in its family.

The Taser functions similarly to the Plasma Beamer, though is ever so slightly more powerful (though still not as powerful as the bottom tier of the line). Other differences include the appearance of the shot, consisting of a stream of electrical energy. Unlike the other Plasma weapons that disintegrate a defeated enemy, enemies that are defeated with the Taser remain intact. Also, instead of causing enemies to glow a bright blue light when shot, the Taser covers the enemy in electricity. 

When aimed at a reflective surface, the Taser's shot can be bounced off, giving a bit of strategy in certain areas. The shot can be bounced off multiple times, so knowing the trajectory of the shot is to be considered. This trait is shared with the other Plasma weapons as well.


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