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Telepoints are the Fur Fighters' main method of getting around. They are connected to the Teleportation Device, but due to a lack of power, only one Fur Fighter can be teleported to an area at a time, and the others must wait behind patiently. Fur Fighters will always look towards a Telepoint, unless it's their own.

Telepoints can be found in every level of the game, and on some occasions there can be multiples of the same Telepoint. Whilst there are Telepoints in each of the levels, sometimes there may not be a Telepoint for every Fur Fighter (for example, there are no Tweek Telepoints in God Machine Valley).

When a Fur Fighter has been returned to a Telepoint, their Health Points will slowly start to recover on their own. They recover much faster when Gold Tokens have been collected.

Once a Fur Fighter has entered a Telepoint, the game will automatically save (provided you have opted to save your progress). Entering a telepoint will also cause that particular telepoint to act as an immediate checkpoint, to which if one becomes fluffed, they will return to the last telepoint entered. The telepoint itself will also become inactive, being transparent and lacking the face of the player's Fur Fighter. All other telepoints in the current level that pertain to the active Fur Fighter will also become inactive.


  • There is only one Fluffmatch without any Telepoints - King Solomon's Fluff.
  • Once The Mighty Flea has been activated, all Telepoints are disabled through the game's coding.
  • In The Bad Place, the Fur Fighters will automatically be transformed as they enter each of their own doors. Although the effect of a Telepoint can be seen, there are still no usable Telepoints in the level.
  • In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, there are some Telepoints that have been pushed under the level and are completely inaccessible, yet Fur Fighters can still see them.
  • Roofus and Bungalow are the only Fur Fighters to have telepoints in every level discounting the Boss Levels.