Chang standing behind the device while on fire.

The Teleportation Device is the semi working machine built by Chang the Firefox. The device will teleport the Fur Fighters to different places coming out of telepoints but the machine runs on green slime which crystallize into Gold Tokens. Collecting Gold Tokens will recharge the the Teleportation Device to go to farther places. The Teleportation Device can only take one Fur Fighter out in the world at a time. The device has only appeared in the game a couple of times: in the Main Menu screen and during the ending cutscene. The Teleportation Device is located somewhere in the Undermill.


The Teleportation Device appears to be six giant containers filled with green slime, each for one Fur Fighter to be stationed at the bottom of the containers behind a mirror, which is shaped like the Fur Fighter's symbol, and is connected with two handles to the containers. The mirror shows the Fur Fighter's face on the Telepoints.

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