The Mighty Flea
Biographical Information
Species Flea

The Mighty Flea is a playable character exclusive to the PS2 Version.

There is not really much known about the Mighty Flea aside from his skill at cleaning up the Fur Fighter's fur from Nits and Ticks. He is available as a character when the Flea Mini Games are activated.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Being a Flea, The Mighty Flea is very tiny in size. Unlike the Fur Fighters the flea has four arms and can't really run or walk but can only hop on his thin legs. On his back the flea has a red shell. The Flea also has two jaws on his mouth to bite other enemies.


  • The Mighty Flea could be a Fur Fighter member but is unknown from the group due to the flea's size.
  • The Mighty Flea is the only character that is not playable on the majority of versions.
  • It is possible to use The Mighty Flea on multiplayer, by activating the cheat Flea Deathmatch.
  • Using a glitch in a Fluffmatch, it is possible to drag The Mighty Flea into single player mode.
  • When The Mighty Flea is active, all Telepoints in the game are disabled.
  • The Mighty Flea was originally going to be in the original game. According to concept art he was to be one of the standard enemies, but was ultimately cut from the game.
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