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Uber Bear
Biographical Information
Species Bear
Gender Male
Home Secret Island
Affiliation General Viggo

The Uber Bear is General Viggo's loyal bear bodyguard.

Chang will need to defeat him on the Secret Island in Viggo's Vault, as he is holding Sergeant Sternhauser hostage. He is in charge of protecting the first key.

You will have 60 seconds to defeat him. He uses a Submachine Gun as his weapon, which he will also drop upon defeat.


Uber Bear is ideally a much larger Polar Bear, even possessing the exact same weapon.

To defeat him, use the same tactics you would with one of those bears - Be on the move constantly, and fire at him with all you've got. If you can corner him against a side of the cage walls, you can open rapid fire at him. Unlike many of the other guardians here, he has very little pause in his movements, so try not to let him escape, else he will open fire on you without hesitation.

Also after defeating him, he will drop Cage Key 1 and the twin brother of 31st Century Fox will appear to challenge you next.