Union Pass
Level God Machine Valley
Found Beaver Office
Used for Accessing God of Crushers

The Union Pass is an item obtainable in God Machine Valley. It is required for rescuing a joey on the first god machine you see at the beginning.

How to obtainEdit

You can get it from winning an Arm Wrestling game, which can be found Bungalow enter a green beaver office near the first Roofus Telepoint of the level and talking to the beavers inside. After speaking with them, the game will be initiated. If you are able to win, the Beaver will (disappointedly) hand it over.


  • It is possible to have Tweek enter the arm wrestling building and play arm wrestling instead, but it will still treat you like Bungalow is playing it. The beaver still calls him a kangaroo, and Tweek's arm turns into Bungalow's arm while playing. Also, the Union Pass will have Bungalow's face printed on it, even if you win arm wrestling with Tweek.
  • In the original version of Fur Fighters, sometimes the game may freeze while turning in the Union Pass, making you unable to complete the level.