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The Unused Undermill Area (sometimes referred to as Juliette's Secret Undermill Area or names to that effect) is a secret area in the Undermill accessible only in the original Fur Fighters game for the Dreamcast which is heavily linked to Juliette.

Where Roofus' Digging Hole can be found, move to the end where General Bristol is floating. Climb onto the fence, and you will notice that Juliette will begin climbing. Hop off at the small opening, and you can leap down onto the spinning platforms or straight onto the ground.

Whilst the area has full collision detection, it is noticeably unfinished. There is a small, decorated hole for Juliette to run through, but turning back around after entering this room causes the graphics to disappear. Also, on one of the walls there is a large, pixelated set of Cat Scratches, further leading to the belief that this was, at one stage, Juliette's training area.



Fur Fighters Juliette's Hidden Undermill Area


  • Bungalow can also reach this area using his jump, though it is much harder.
  • If you look around whilst at the top, you can see Sergeant Sternhauser in the Flour bag area. Since the graphics only turn one way, it is possible that this was another entrance to this area, or where you would exit.
  • In the instruction manual, a concept art of Juliette running through the cogs in this area further backs up the theory that this was once Juliette's training area.
  • In Viggo's Revenge, the area has been revamped slightly, and the Cat Scratches are no longer present.