This article is about the Vault in Quackenheim Museum. You may be looking for Viggo's Vault.

The Vault is an area found in the Quackenheim Museum.

It is located in the most subterranean part of the museum, at the very end of the area. It is initially locked and must be opened via the combination, which can be obtained from Claude The Cat. The Roquefort Diamonds also end up here once a certain baby is rescued.

The Vault contains a two-storied room, containing several cages filled with large crates, presumably filled with valuable items. The vault also contains enemies, which include several bears and a peacock . Other mentionables include Gold Tokens and another baby when certain conditions are met. The vault also contains the level exit, via a subway tunnel that had been bored through using a large drilling vehicle. This may also explain the presence of the enemies in the vault, as this may be Viggo's diamond heist in progress.

The CombinationEdit

6 Anticlockwise, 2 Clockwise, 4 Anticlockwise, 6 Clockwise.

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