Viggo A Gogo is the final Hubworld in the game. 

The hubworld is basically an abandoned ship near four arches that lead off to the other levels or the Fur Fighter Village. It is also the smallest out of the other hubworlds but it has the most ammo and weapons to stock on due to the final battle with the General.

There are some Cat Scratches for Juliette to climb which leads to a plethora of goodies. Rico can also Swim underneath a small area inside the ship to reach a few more helpful items.


With all the spouses (and Tweek's mother) safely rescued, the Fur Fighters enjoy a brief respite, before General Viggo attacks the village. With his hideout in sight, the Fur Fighters decide to take the battle to Viggo, and stop the battle once and for all.


The hubworld takes place around an abandoned, half-sunken ship. Many items await on board, along with the hub's Telepoints. Rico can also swim inside a small entrance on the ship to gain access to additional goodies. The majority of the hub is made up of water, and the levels are entered via small alcoves. You can only enter levels once you can see them in the background of each alcove, which happens upon completion of the last.



Excluding Viggo's Revenge
Viggo's Revenge only


Fluffmatches associated with this hubEdit


  • In the original games, you end up here with no explanation given after you have Saved Winnie and Mai. In Viggo's Revenge, a cutscene was added to explain.
  • In the cutscene, only Gwynth and Esmerelda are missing from the main cast. Also the missile used in the cutscene is different from the ones featured in the actual carrier, being more like a oversized homing missile.
  • There is an unused model of the Cow for this world.[1]
  • This is the only hubworld where you enter (and exit) whilst swimming.


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