Viggo Industries Harrier MK III is a mini boss located in H.M.S. Viggolina. You have to fight three of them to complete the level, and each time one is defeated, it counts as one aircraft destroyed.


This boss is easy, but can be annoying. He will you shoot rapidly at you from time to time, and you must hit the glass until it opens up, revealing a bear inside it. Then shoot the bear. Keep this up until the aircraft explodes. A Heavy Machine Gun is effective, since you need a weapon that flies very fast and can make it on the glass.


  • This enemy is one of the few mini bosses to have a line of dialog while fighting you.
  • Even if the boss is already defeated, your Fur Fighters will still aim for where the glass was previously.
  • In Viggo on Glass, you do not have to destroy any of them to complete the level.
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