This ones coming back with me for a pint, and he's paying!

–Winnie, Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge

Winnie (Winifred) is the wife of Roofus the Hound, or as she prefers to call him, Roofy.

In Anatat Tatanatat, General Viggo planned to use her as part of a sacrifice that would open a portal to The Bad Place. Grasping her son Frederick, she attempted to resist his plans but was forced through the portal. Later on she and Frederick were separated and Winnie was brought back to Anatat Tatanatat. Along with Mai, she was then mutated.

She and Mai were defeated by their respective husbands in Saving Winnie and Mai and returned home. But not before she made certain that her husband paid for a pint. After, they were allowed a brief amount of freedom before General Viggo attacks the village, and her husband marches his fellow Fur Fighters into the final battle.

She later returns after the final battle, pleading with Chang to fix the Telepoint. When he does so, she joins the others to save her husband, armed with a Plasma Beamer.


  • In an early release of the game, Winnie was sent to The Bad Place already mutated.