Friend Fur Fighter from afar help with special um-potion, yes?

–Witch Doctor Beetle, Jungle of Despair

The Witch Doctor Beetle is a Viggohead beetle residing in Jungle of Despair.

He guards a firefox baby, and requests that the Fur Fighter brings him an Ancient Skull and Fragrant Orchid to complete his potion. After doing so, he requests a Beetle. Once found, he will tell you it is of the wrong variety, and to get another. When presented with the second beetle, he is still positive that it is not the right one. When presented with the third beetle, he will still be certain that you've brought him the wrong one, and will inform you that you need a Viggohead Beetle. He then turns around, revealing that he is the very beetle you have been looking for as shown by the symbol on his back (which also reveals his association with General Viggo). He walks closer to the cauldron, at which point you can push him in.


  • In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge his voice seems to resemble Yoda from Star Wars.
  • Shooting him prompts no response.
  • When coming back to the level after you push him into the cauldron, he will respawn in front of the cauldron and give his line about helping him with the potion when approached. You can still push him back into the cauldron, though. This is fixed in the other versions.


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