Worker Beavers are the most common type of Beavers found within the game.

They can be found throughout Beaver Power.


Worker Beavers are known for their blue overalls and yellow hardhat.


In the intro, a Worker Beaver is shown to be concerned over their new employer, whilst his Boss tells him to get ready.

In Compound Factions, a Worker won't let you through until the Fur Fighters have obtained a Safety Certificate.

In the PS2 exclusive level, Furry Forest, a Worker Beaver will request the Fur Fighters help in aligning his Theodolite.

In God Machine Valley, a Worker will allow you to mess with the God Machine if you obtain a Union Pass. To get it, you'll need to Arm Wrestle with another Worker. There is a final Worker Beaver waiting to explain how to use the God of Processing to move the tunnel around (though he is absent in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge).


In Beaver Dam, a Beaver Boss and his Workers will be grateful should the Fur Fighters assist them in clearing out the Bears.

In The V-100, a Worker Beaver can be found in one of the torpedos. Presumably, he was working in there on behalf of the General, but became trapped by mistake.

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